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Products & Services

Products & Services
Partners in Open Systems Deployment and Support—BBsys

With any aspect of a process control system it is vital to consider which external partner can assist in all areas of the design and successful implementation. BBsys offers significant advantages;

  • Application experience in almost every process sector
  • Leading edge programming and interface knowledge
  • Flexible and efficient approach to installations, often using downtime for minimal production
  • Independent status-developing the best overall solutions irrespective of operating platform or
    existing site equipment
  • Experience with legacy equipment-integrating older plant into modern systems
  • Management Information-recognising the dynamics of data capture, storage, retrieval and report dissemination

Our control applications include;

  • Continuous & Batch Mixing
  • High Accuracy Weighing Systems
  • Automated Materials Handing
  • Recipe based systems
  • Primary Leaf Processing
  • Burner Controls
  • Web-based Diagnostics
  • Open System Deployment
  • Global Village Supply
  • Safety Legislation Application
  • Operator Training
  • 24:7:365 Tech Service & Support (ControlCare)

Scope of supply elements

  • Chartered Engineering Consultancy
  • PLC Applications
  • SCADA & HMI Plant Interfaces
  • Management Information Sourcing
  • Drive Control Design
  • Electrical Control Enclosures
  • Site Installation & Commissioning
  • Integrating to Legacy Equipment
  • Macro Project Management
  • After Sales Services

The role of a system can now be much more than reactive 'control' but one of proactive asset management, continuous improvement, monitoring, and the output of information that is vital to management functions.

  • control system from BBsys has the following benefits;
  • Better overall information for management forecasting
  • Audit trails and accountability
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved maintenance scheduling
  • Reduced cost of ownership


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